Kit complet Jeil Master 10 micro-vis avec tournevis manuel et plaque Mesh - JEIL MEDICAL (JEILMASTER) - Delynov

Le kit contient :
10 Micro vis autoforante à tête large Dia. 1.4 * 3mm dont 5 OFFERTES (14-AT-003G)
1 Micro tournevis pour contre-angle (113-MC-202)
1 Micro arbre de tournevis pour poignée de tournevis
1 Poignée de tournevis
1 Plaque Mesh 37 x 25 x 01mm (12-GM-001-01)
1 Bloc à micro-vis et plaque mesh (112-060)
1 Coupe plaque MESH (114-007)

667,78 € 667.78 EUR 667,78 € TVA comprise 972,42 €

667,78 € TVA comprise 972,42 €

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Cette combinaison n'existe pas. - Your online store for surgical consumables, instruments, and equipment Welcome to, your reference for surgical consumables, instruments, and equipment. We specialize in providing quality products for healthcare professionals, such as implantologists, dental surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontal surgeons, and their teams and assistants. In our online store, you will find a wide range of products that meet the strictest standards of quality and safety. We are committed to offering you reliable and high-performance medical devices designed to support you in your surgical procedures. Among our flagship products, today we present the complete Kit Jeil Master 10 micro-screws with manual screwdriver and Mesh plate from JEIL MEDICAL. This kit is specially designed to facilitate your surgical procedures and ensure optimal results. The kit includes 10 self-drilling micro-screws with a wide head Dia. 1.4 * 3mm, with 5 offered for free. These micro-screws are essential tools for the fixation and stabilization of dental implants. Their high-quality design ensures optimal strength and durability. To accompany you in the use of these micro-screws, the kit also includes a micro screwdriver for a contra-angle. This tool will allow you to perform precise and secure manipulations during your surgical interventions. Additionally, the kit is equipped with a micro screwdriver shaft for a screwdriver handle, as well as an ergonomic screwdriver handle. These accessories offer a comfortable grip and facilitate your movements when placing the micro-screws. For optimal use, the kit is accompanied by a Mesh plate measuring 37 x 25 x 01mm. This Mesh plate is ideal for the preparation and fixation of the micro-screws, ensuring increased stability and safety. The micro-screw block and Mesh plate included in the kit are convenient accessories for storing and transporting your micro-screws. It will allow you to have them always at hand during your surgical interventions. Finally, to facilitate your procedures, the kit comes with a MESH plate cutter. This tool will allow you to easily and precisely cut the Mesh plate according to your needs. At, we are committed to providing you with quality products that comply with current standards. However, we recommend that you carefully read the operating instructions and respect the contraindications specified by the manufacturer. The safety of your patients is our priority. Feel free to contact our team of experts for any questions or additional information. We are at your disposal to guide you in choosing the products that best suit your needs. Trust for your surgical consumables, instruments, and equipment needs. Order the complete Kit Jeil Master 10 micro-screws with manual screwdriver and Mesh plate now and benefit from quality equipment for successful surgical interventions.