x2 forets hélicoïdal avec butée (203S.RA.012) - Jota - Delynov


Foret hélicoïdal avec butée pour le placement des points de saignement (décortification) pour des conditions optimales de cicatrisation osseuse. Ø 1.2 mm
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89,23 € TVA comprise 118,97 €

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The online store Delynov.fr is your trusted destination for all your consumables, surgical instruments, and equipment needs. We are proud to present our latest product, the stop drill with stop (203S.RA.012) - jota - delynov. This stop drill with stop has been specially designed to facilitate the placement of bleeding points (decortication) in order to optimize bone healing conditions. With a diameter of 1.2 mm, this drill is perfect for healthcare professionals specializing in implantology, dental surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, as well as periodontal surgery. At Delynov.fr, we understand the importance of providing quality products to healthcare professionals. That's why our stop drill with stop is made with the best materials, ensuring its durability and optimal performance. We make it a point to comply with current standards and regulations, in order to offer you reliable and safe products. When using our stop drill with stop, we recommend carefully reading the instructions and following the contraindications. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult your medical team for any questions or concerns. At Delynov.fr, we are aware that every healthcare professional has specific needs. That's why we offer our stop drill with stop in a set of 2, offering you a practical and economical solution. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products to help you provide the best care to your patients. For any questions or assistance, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team at Delynov. We are here to help you and provide you with the information you need. Trust Delynov.fr for all your consumables, instruments, and surgical equipment needs.